This week we’re bringing you some attention-grabbing personal finance headlines, including tips on how to make some extra income on the side, guidance on how to plan for retirement and helpful advice on organizing the perfect vacation. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Need some extra cash to pay the bills? Geoff Williams of US News and World Report suggests 5 offbeat ways to earn extra income that will help you squeeze in some extra money each month. Some tips include completing paid surveys, becoming an online juror, teaching an online class, and selling unused items in your house.
  • If you earned one million dollars, how much of it might end up in a retirement account? Walter Updegrave contributor to CNN Money poses this question, and determines an answer: it depends on your age, gender, the level of interest rates, and more. The bottom line, there are lots of options. However, the key is to find an option that will get you the retirement income you require for the rest of your life.

Retirement Nest Egg [Small]

  • When you’re ready to take a vacation, you may contemplate whether you can pull off a week-long adventure or stick to somewhere close for a few days. You may also find yourself wondering whether you can afford to try somewhere new. According to Sumanthi Reddy from The Wall Street Journal, psychologists and researchers have been studying how to create an ideal vacation that boosts our well-being and helps us relax. The findings? Sometimes long vacations aren’t better than short ones, and putting more focus on the days leading up to a vacation can positively impact your experience.

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