This week we’re offering tips on how to save at the grocery store, take advantage of low gas prices, and invest your tax refund. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Saving at the grocery store: Even if you’re a coupon clipper, a trip to the supermarket can take a bite out of your budget. WiseBread Reporter Camilla Cheung offers nine grocery shopping tips that will help you save at the register. She emphasizes that grocery lists are a must to prevent impulsive shopping and having a snack beforehand can limit the number of unnecessary items you toss in your cart. Also, instead of buying food based on individual recipes, she recommends checking online to see what’s in season or on sale, and planning your meals around those items.

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  • Taking advantage of gas prices: With the average price of gas around $1.80, most Americans are enjoying significant saving at the pump. Reporter Trent Hamm of U.S. News & World Report shares a few clever ideas for how to take advantage of that extra cash, including making additional car payments, paying off credit card debt and building an emergency fund. Planning a family vacation this summer? Hamm suggests driving instead of flying, especially on shorter trips where the journey isn’t too time-prohibitive.
  • Investing your tax refund: It can be tempting to spend your entire tax refund on a new car or family vacation. Or, according to Business Insider’s Phyllis Furman, getting a hefty refund can be a reason to jump-start your finances. In her latest article, “6 Smart Uses for Your Tax Refund,” she suggests paying off any credit card debt (from highest interest rate to lowest) and then using the money to grow your emergency savings account or fund retirement accounts.

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