This week we’re sharing tips on buying your first car, how to throw an affordable Championship game party and a few changes you should be aware of when filing your taxes. Here’s what you need to know now:

It’s easy to make mistakes when buying a car, especially if it’s your first time. Dr. Penny Pincher from Wise Bread shares a few first-time car buying mistakes and how to avoid them. First, he suggests avoiding cars with poor fuel economy, getting a vehicle inspection on pre-owned cars, and choosing a reliable model that fits your lifestyle. He also advises against treating the purchase like an investment, as the value of the car will go down, and being sure to negotiate the price.

This Sunday, millions of Americans (and probably every Coloradoan) will watch the Denver take on Carolina in SB 50 from the comfort of their own homes. Reporter Trent Hamm from US News & World Report offers a few low-cost party ideas for the big game that will save money and leave more time to cheer on your team. His suggestions include hosting a potluck where each guest brings a beverage or snack item, and keeping prepared food items simple and inexpensive, like veggie trays and dips. After the game, bag up leftover snacks and turn them into side dishes for the rest of the week.

With tax season quickly approaching, Financial Reporter Tom Herman of The Wall Street Journal shares a few newly permanent tax breaks and other tricky issues you need to keep in mind this year when you file your taxes. For starters, remember that the deadline falls on April 18 due to Emancipation Day. Although this will give you a few extra days to file your taxes, Herman recommends resisting the temptation to procrastinate—getting an early start will make the process less frustrating and allow you to solve any last-minute problems.*

*All tax information provided in this blog post is intended as a convenient source of information. This information is general in nature, is not complete, and may not apply to your specific situation. Please consult with your own tax advisor regarding your specific tax needs.

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