This week we’re sharing some simple ways to cut costs each month, new options to save money selling your home, and back-to-school shopping hacks. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Spending problems are often caused by a house that’s too large, a car that’s too luxurious or a credit card lifestyle that’s too lavish for your income. According to CNN, there are ways to reduce your monthly bills, including eliminating needless costs (like your afternoon coffee habit), reducing larger expenses (like season tickets or an expensive luxury car), refinancing your mortgage, cutting your taxes, and appealing your home assessment.
  • It’s August, which means parents across the country are gearing up for the academic year. It also means parents are preparing for the back-to-school shopping season. Fortunately, Kimberly Palmer of US News and World Report has some back-to-school shopping hacks to keep in mind. Kimberly suggests parents take their time and shop smartly, mail in those rebates, wait to buy clothes until after the first day of school, and more.

Chalkboard -Back to School

  • Using an agent during your real estate transaction may have been the standard just a few decades ago, but Jeff Reeves from USA Today believes that with the wealth of information on the internet and access to real estate smartphone apps, there is an opportunity to save a good chunk of change. In the article, Jeff shares new do-it-yourself home sales options, including some benefits and drawbacks to using technology in lieu of a Realtor.

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