Each week we search the Internet for helpful personal finances tips and news. Here’s what you should know now:

  • Each Earth Day, we’re reminded to save, reuse and waste less–all things we can put into practice when it comes to our personal finances. Forbes’ Earth Day savings guide identifies 18 ways to go green, and in turn, save green. Living sustainably has a plethora of financial incentives; think saving on your energy bill and getting discounts at your local grocery store for bringing in a reusable bag.
  • Figuring out your finances can be a stressful. For some, it can be hard to just make ends meet. For others, planning out expenses and developing a budget can be a challenging process. U.S. News & World Report recommends 7 (mostly cheap) ways to remove your money stress, including trying yoga, finding a cheap gym membership, journaling, skydiving and more.
  • Without a solid plan, saving money can feel as though you have holes in your pockets – spilling money here and there, without knowing how much it adds up. The Week offers 54 great personal finance tips, ranging from saving for special needs to resisting impulse purchases.

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