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Author: Kate

Learning stuff at work is par for the course, right? It’s obvious during the course of our careers we’re learning about our job and the expectations of our individual roles in the company. But how often is it that the things we’re learning to become great employees will help us become better people outside of work too?  While working at FirstBank, I’ve learned many lessons that have done just this. We learn things that inevitably bleed into our personal lives and that serve as lessons to inspire us far beyond our desks and cubicles. Here are five lessons I’ve learned that have improved my professional and personal outlook. Maybe they’ll do the same for you.

  1. Community Involvement is important and fun!: Community involvement opportunities are vast within the FirstBank world. Volunteer opportunities like Junior Achievement and Habitat for Humanity and fundraising events like the JDRF Walk and the Great Strides walks are much anticipated by our employees. We look forward to supporting these causes as a company and as individuals. We enjoy coming together as an organization and showing support, but we also recognize that those we’re supporting through these efforts are close to us. With an organization of more than 2,100 employees, the time, effort, and money we contribute to these events are personally impacting people we work closely with, both customers and co-workers. To support an organization through volunteer efforts is one of the most generous gestures we can make to give back to our communities.
  2. Customer service is NOT a lost art: Prior to working for FirstBank, I understood the importance of customer service but it wasn’t until I worked in FirstBank’s customer service call center did I fully realize the positive effects it has on every aspect of a business. Each day I witness a refreshing amount of energy focused specifically on customer service at all levels of the bank. FirstBank’s customer service philosophy confirmed for me the value of empathy, professionalism, and courteousness. This high regard for customer service has impressed upon me so much that I often find myself treating others to FirstBank-quality customer service outside of work and even when I’m supposed to be the customer! I’m proud of that.
  3. Balancing consistency and change is critical: When it comes to remaining a strong and stable organization, FirstBank often attributes our success to the steady, consistent growth plan we follow as well as the opportunities we take to listen to our customers and make changes when necessary. I’ve learned that through everything, our goals and objectives of being a reliable and customer-oriented bank remain the same. Ultimately, the consistency in this area allows us to determine in what ways we can continue to develop and advance in order to meet these expectations. I find this to be true in everyday personal situations as well. Committing to a goal but recognizing that even though things along the road to success may change, our goals do not have to.
  4. Nothing beats employee satisfaction: Around every turn here at FirstBank you’ll find another long-term employee. This certainly says a lot about what a great company it is to work for and it has a lot to do with the motivating and inspiring culture that is fostered here. Employees of FirstBank are encouraged to achieve success as individuals and meet our own personal goals and we’re often given the tools to help us along the way. It also has a lot to do with the genuine and caring people who we work with. Not only will you find a long-term employee around every turn, you’ll most definitely be greeted with a smile to go along with it! In the end, these are the things that drive us to work hard and perform our best for the company who makes both customers and employees a priority. It’s a win-win outcome!
  5. Halloween should be considered a competitive sport: Really. FirstBank Halloween competitions are pretty fierce. Never is there a shortage of decorations, costumes, or most importantly, fun! In addition to the more serious lessons I’ve learned from FirstBank, one of the best lessons I’ve learned is how to have fun while still getting down to business. Our organization thrives on having fun and enjoying life while remaining productive and effective. The fun isn’t just reserved for special occasions, though. Day to day interactions among employees are supportive, collaborative and welcoming. With the opportunity to build such positive relationships with our co-workers it’s hard not to have fun while working! Don’t let another opportunity to have some fun slip by.

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