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FirstBank employees are proud people.  We are proud of many things including (but not at all limited to) who we are, the company we work for, the people we work with, our customer base, our company’s goals, the friendships we have developed, our friends and family member, our missions and goals.  We are proud to be FirstBankers.

One thing not everyone may know is how proud we are of our branches.  Our banks are built the way we want them; with the design, structure, and finishing touches we want.  All the components that make up a branch, the wood trims, the desk, the lighting, the wall art, the lobby furniture, the tile and carpet floors, even the landscape, are all carefully picked and designed.

We don’t cut corners or cost because we want to have a workplace and customer environment that we are proud of.  And after the branch is built we work on keeping our workplace looking sharp and presentable.  We pick up trash and cigarette butts in our parking lots and push back grocery carts and kick rocks to their appropriate place.  We make phone calls to repairmen, landscapers, and property management companies, we leave notes for our cleaners, and at times rely on each other  to fix or clean up our branch.

We treat our FirstBanks as if they were our homes! Maybe better, because I know some of us have piles of laundry scattered through our homes, dirty dishes in our sinks, trash that needs to be put out, and floors that need to be swept. Okay maybe that’s just me, no worries I will do it tonight… or tomorrow!

Proof of treating our banks as we would our homes is in the pictures below.  My branch had its quarterly maintenance for our AC units and a week later I received a proposal/quote for $1,200 in recommended repairs.  I was shocked! 1,200 bucks, no way! They recommended a heavy clean and to replace a motor on one of the units.  These things are cleaned yearly and our branch is not very old. Now, I don’t know the first thing about how these things below work, but I could tell you that I was not going to just sign away $1,200 dollars, even if it wasn’t coming from my pocket.   Especially considering the air conditioning was working fine inside.

I placed a call to our Facilities Manager and informed him that I did not want to pay for anything that was not needed.  He informed me the company submitting the quote was pretty reputable, but that the only way to know for sure would be to climb up on the roof.  So what did I do?

I climbed up to the roof.

Since I didn’t know what I was looking for I took pictures and sent them his way.  After he took a look at them, he agreed with the proposal and quote.

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No clue how this all works??

I admit it was a bit scary climbing up and I may never do it again, but I did take a couple of pretty awesome pictures.  And most importantly, I was glad to have done my due diligence in ensuring our branch was well kept.

Due diligence – it’s a common phrase around FirstBank.

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The White Tank Mountains in Arizona, great view from our FirstBank’s roof in Surprise, AZ!!

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The way up and down, pretty scary in dress shoes!

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