Free Happens Pedicabs (cropped)

Author: Gina Wilson

Here at FirstBank, we live and die by our calendars. We like to know what to expect out of the day. But, every now and then, things fall out of our scope of control and life happens. Sometimes it throws you off just a little, like almost getting caught singing along to a Katy Perry song, and other times it throws you off a lot, like seeing Justin Bieber win a Grammy. However it happens, it’s generally an unsettling feeling. We like to offset this unsettling feeling by letting free happen.

Free feels like your 18th birthday; or like reaching the peak of a mountain and breathing in the freshest air you’ve ever experienced; or just knowing that someone else is taking care of your dog for the day. We like that feeling, and we want to spread it to the world (or at least to our surrounding communities).

When it comes to a start-up business, or even an established and thriving business, we want to give our local business owners the best shot at being successful that we can. In Colorado, 96% of employers are small businesses, and we have a vested interest in seeing these businesses succeed. We know that business owners don’t like being charged unexpected fees, and that’s why we have simplified fee schedules and free business checking. We have a wide range of products to fit your business’ needs, and fantastic customer support (live, 24/7 human support is included in your free checking.)
Come check out FirstBank today and see what we can do for your business. We would love to give you the gift of free.

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