We’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings of a trailer on Colfax back in 1963. Gone are the days where folks would have to go to their bank branch to keep track of account balances (can you imagine? Ugh) or writing checks as the only means to provide money in lieu of cash.

Fast forward to 2017 and you can now check your balance, well, anywhere. Need money? You got it.  You have debit cards, ATMs, good old-fashioned withdraw from a branch, digital money transfer services such as Zelle®, checks, Apple Pay™, mobile deposit (did you ever think that would be a thing?) – the point is you have options now thanks to technology.

Need help with any of those options?  Come into any one of our locations and speak with a digital specialist who can help you maneuver your way around our mobile app.

This technology applies to our physical locations as well. We don’t operate out of the Check Wagon anymore.

(Photo by Michael Reaves/The Denver Post)

Our new 227,000 sq. ft. headquarters was recently completed and includes a fitness center, game room, central courtyard, café, and biometric scanning to access areas of the building (coming soon). The main reason why we expanded our headquarters and added all these awesome amenities is to attract and retain the best IT talent since we do all of our IT work in-house (need a job? – wink, wink).

What’s more, the building itself is filled with technology to improve work life, communications, customer service, and ultimately products and services.

Check out this video from the company that installed all our new equipment, Ford AV. A special thanks to Adam Russell of our Network Infrastructure team for his contributions to the video.

Ford AV also installed the video wall at our Union Station location that includes 21 monitors wrapping around the building. A little tip…if you’re in the area for lunch: head to Anthony’s Pizza & Pasta across the street and watch the video wall while chowing down on a tasty slice.

We still have room to improve, but we’re excited about how technology is bringing convenience to customers. I, personally, can’t even imagine what is next (probably while I’m writing this article).

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