Even if you’ve banked with us for a while and kept up-to-speed with our Facebook-ing, there are still some things about FirstBank you probably don’t know. For instance, how did we get our name, or where did we get our start?

While our secrets might not be as scandalous as [insert relevant/recent pop culture reference], here are a few interesting tidbits from our 50-year history:

  • We were born in a trailer. Yep! It’s true.  Just like A-Listers Hilary Swank and Demi Moore, FirstBank grew up in a trailer.  When we officially launched in 1963, our “bank” was actually a 12’ x 50’ trailer cleverly coined the “Check Wagon”.  Today, we’ve grown to more than 115 locations in Colorado, Arizona and California.  And, not one of those branches is a trailer.
  • We have some seriously dedicated employees. Did you know the average U.S. employees stays at a company only 4.4 years nowadays?  And for Millennials (those born between 1977 and 1997) the average tenure is half that.  20 years ago, that length of time at work would’ve been considered unbelievably short.  After all, it was the norm to work for a company for two to three decades and then retire.  Despite the “new normal,” FirstBank must be doing something right because nearly half of our employees have worked with FirstBank for 10 or more years. What’s more, according to a recent employee survey, 96 percent of our team members said they often say positive things about FirstBank outside of work.  Thanks to the tireless dedication of our team, FirstBank was named one of the Top National Workplaces in 2013. Our employees sure know how to make a bank blush!

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