Author: Ariel

I’m in school, a parent, and I have a profession, which is a growing reality in this day and age. Wiping out credit card debit, paying down student loans, and living comfortably with fixed income has been a long-term dream of mine. However, my affinity with eating out (either because I want to daydream over worldly cuisines, or am simply too tired and hungry to go home and cook something) has always inhibited me from reaching that goal.

Time has also been a concern. Between my days at work, homework in the evenings, and time spent with my family and keeping our home clean, usually our next meal falls to the bottom of the list of things on my mind; this is a great chance to consciously change that mindset.

Through this blogging experience, I’ll bring you with me through the trials and errors of more home-cooked meals and minimizing dine-ins and take-outs. Two changes to my home-cooking practices will include quick, healthy snacks on hand and more crock pot meals, to cut down on the delay from getting home to “Dinner’s ready!” This way I’ll be feeding my family members more meals prepared with the love they deserve, decreasing wait times for meals, and secretly decreasing our overall spending.

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