Mitten Trees

Author: Leigh

During the month of November, at all 8 Colorado Springs locations, you will see a Holiday Tree.  Is it a little early to put up a tree? Yes it is.  So why are we doing it?  We’re calling them “Mitten Trees” and are collecting new hats and gloves for children.

Winter is coming and for the young children at CPCD/Head Start, that can mean cold little heads and hands.  (CPCD- Community Partnership for Child Development)

New mittens, gloves and hats mean the world to the children who live in poverty, have a special need or live in a fragile home situation.

For those of you that don’t know about CPCD, they serve 1899 children in free preschool and infant/toddler programs.  80% of the families live at or below the poverty level.  Mittens and warm clothing are often beyond their reach this time of year.  Families are making hard choices to support their children on a daily basis and this will be one less worry for them.

As you visit our Colorado Springs FirstBank locations, consider bringing in new hats and gloves/mittens and placing them on our trees.  As the trees fill up, we will have boxes for drop off as well.  We are hoping this drive will be a HUGE success!  Once collected at the branches, we will deliver them to CPCD for distribution to Head Start classrooms throughout El Paso County.  Teachers will make sure children without these items receive them so they can enjoy their time outside, play and grow.

Being a proud parent of two, these things tug at my heart strings.  I can’t imagine either of my kids outside on a cold day, trying to keep warm instead of enjoying their time out there.  Though I am hard pressed to get them to bring these items home most days, they have them. And not only one pair…multiples. With that said- tis’ the season of giving!  My fellow employees and I will be participating as well.

Thank you ahead of time for thinking of the children in El Paso County this holiday season. If you’d like to be more involved with the CPCD, visit their website at

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