For the first time, Capture the Cube is coming to Denver! The hunt, which started on Monday, Jan. 11 and continues through Monday, Feb. 22, gives FirstBank’s Instagram followers the chance to win one of six custom Never Summer snowboards and Icelantic skis. The key to winning? Waiting for the bus. From Lower Downtown to Washington Park and everywhere in between, clues are waiting to be found. Here’s how to spot the clues and win:

  1. Follow @efirstbank on Instagram and keep an eye out for clues.
  2. Once the clue is posted to Instagram, find the character featured in that clue on one of the Capture the Cube maps posted at 21 Denver-area bus shelters.
  3. Snap a photo of the character in the map and tag @efirstbank directly over the character from the clue.
  4. Hit the slopes with your new skis or board and tag @efirstbank in any Instagram photos.

Below is an example to further illustrate how to play Capture the Cube in Denver. On Monday, Jan. 11 we posted Denver Clue #1 on our Instagram account. Instagram user @selhoff located our Capture the Cube poster at one of the 21 Denver-area bus shelters. She was then able to find the image depicted in our clue (the man snowboarding in a cat suit) in the poster. She snapped a photo of the image in the poster and uploaded that photo to Instagram with an efirstbank tag placed directly over the image from our clue. We were notified of the tag and confirmed that @selhoff successfully captured Denver Clue #1. Here is a link to @selhoff’s video showing the bus shelter and her ability to locate the image from our clue. Please note that your Instagram profile MUST be public in order for us to be notified about tag or mention.

Clue #1 Process

FirstBank partnered with Never Summer Industries and Icelantic, two renowned Colorado-based manufacturers, to create the limited-edition FirstBank snowboard and skis. The Predator Series features a 3D wild animal Matroyshka graphic including wolf, bobcat, raccoon, and owl nesting dolls. The snowboard utilizes Never Summer’s patented R.C. (Rocker & Camber) technology for better edge-hold and stability. The Icelantic Nomad skis feature balanced flex, 2mm of camber underfoot, and a rockered tip and tail for the perfect all-mountain freeride ski. Check out the video below for a peek behind the scenes on how our limited edition gear is built by hand at the Never Summer Factory in Denver, CO.

Up at Copper Mountain, Capture the Cube is still running strong. FirstBank dropped the first of 99 cubes in November, and since then, boarders and skiers have been following clues from @efirstbank on Instagram to snag custom Never Summer snowboards and Icelantic S

Winner PhotosView the full gallery of this season’s winners here.

Interested in playing? Head up to Copper Mountain, follow @efirstbank on Instagram and visit for instructions. Happy hunting!

2 comments on “Capture the Cube launches in Denver!

  • I won a pair of 181 skis at copper and really wanted the 171s but none were available. Any chance of exchanging them? There are skis on display all over the first bank near me…would really love to trade mine out.

    • Hello Kendra. Congratulations on capturing a cube at Copper Mountain this season! We MIGHT be able to accommodate your desire to switch out your prize. However, we have you logged as receiving a snowboard (size 149), so we’re a bit confused? If you can hop over to Facebook and send us PM (private message) so we can confirm a few things with you we’ll see what we can do to help. Thanks!

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