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Author: Rachel

As a new FirstBank customer, you may have asked yourself, “Why on earth does my banker keep calling me?” or thought “Oh great, my banker is calling, what’s wrong with my account?” Well, you can put to rest the wave of dread that may be sweeping over you at the very thought. As a new account representative at FirstBank, there are a number of reasons that I like to call our customers.

The first thing I want to do is make sure that you don’t have any questions. Heaven knows that during the new account interview and opening process, you are inundated with tons of information. I recognize that 20 minutes is nowhere near enough time to digest it all. By calling you a couple weeks after we open your account, I’m hoping to address those questions that you probably hadn’t thought of yet.

This follow up call for questions is also important because it allows me, as your banker, to mitigate any problems that may come up. Making sure you got your debit card and PIN ensures that you aren’t waiting for something that may have been lost in the mail. Many of our new customers are drawn in by our free gift promotion for opening a FirstBank Free Checking Account. My preliminary call gives me a chance to make sure you’ve activated your internet banking so you can get your promotional code to order your gift. Another call down the road also enables me to make sure you actually got your gift.

I also take this time to go over any other products we’ve discussed in your new account opening process. If you mentioned that you were looking to buy a house or start a new business, this is a great opportunity for me to point out that we can satisfy those big life changes. This is also the time I like to check in and see if your products are still working for you, or if we can cancel a product to avoid a fee for something you aren’t using.

Above all else, I am really just looking to form a relationship with you. I want to break the ice by reaching out to you so that when you need something you feel comfortable calling me. I want to be your first point of contact – your “personal” banker.

So next time you see the bank’s number pop up on your phone you should stow the anxiety and get excited, “It’s my banker! She’s so friendly and helpful. I wonder what she’s going to help me with today!”


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