Starting late 2014 when Apple announced the release of Apple Pay–-a “no-card-needed” capability to help consumers make easy purchases—retailers and consumers rejoiced.

FirstBank just started offering Apple Pay payment services and we’re thrilled that we can bring this kind of technology to our customers! If you don’t know much about Apple Pay (and you have the right iPhone or iPad), here’s four reasons why you should get on board.

1)      Apple Pay is REALLY easy to use

If you have an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 or Apple Watch, you can add your debit or credit card by going to settings, opening “Passbook & Apple Pay” and then selecting “Add Credit or Debit Card.” After your card information is added, either manually or through the iSight camera function, just hold your finger on the phone’s Touch ID sensor—near the vendor’s contactless reader—to make a purchase.iPhone_FirstBank_Orange_Debit_Card

2)      We work hard to ensure you don’t become a victim of fraudulent/criminal activity

Most banks, including FirstBank, use a verification system to ensure it’s you who uploaded your card information on Apple Pay. How it works is simple: After you add your card to Passbook, we contact you—through the phone number and email tied to your account—to notify you that your card has been added to Apple Pay. We may also require that you take additional steps to complete the enrollment process. Either way, we do what it takes to verify it is you who wants to use Apple Pay and not a fraudster.

We also monitor your account like it’s going out-of-style. In fact, FirstBank has fraud protection algorithms and systems in place that constantly search for and flag suspicious activity. We offer text message and email alerts, so you can monitor activity on your end, too.

What’s more, customers aren’t liable for unauthorized purchases under our zero liability policy, so any fraudulent charges or transactions will be credited back to your account. You can read more about FirstBank’s security and privacy processes and procedures here.

3)      Apple Pay is very secure, despite popular belief

Pad Lock Debit CardDespite growing fraud chatter, CNN discovered from reps at Apple and major banks that Apple Pay fraud is really a non-issue. In fact, Apple’s newest devices use a pretty innovative fingerprint sensor technology to ensure that, A) it’s actually you who’s making the purchase, and B) no one else can see your debit or credit card information. The feature also works to ensure that not even merchants can access your credit or debit card number.



4)      Apple Pay is widely accepted

Apple Pay is already accepted at more than 700,000 retailers nationwide and offered by 2,500 credit issuers and banks. It’s already become the No. 1 payment method at according to a Staples’ e-commerce business representative. Wowza!

Needless to say, this is a big indication that Apple Pay isn’t going anywhere and will continue to gain momentum. Who knows!? In a couple of years, credit or debit cards might just be a thing of the past.

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