Author: David

The names in this story have been changed:

A few months ago while working at my branch in Denver, a young man named Robert came into the bank to do a little business. I didn’t help him, but he recognized me. He came up to me and asked me if I used to work at the branch in Firestone, Colorado. I said yes and his eyes lit up and he smiled ear to ear, but I felt awkward because I didn’t recognize him. He then asked me if I remembered his Dad, Tom. That rang a bell!

The biggest reason I remember Tom was because about three years ago, when I was working in Firestone, Tom brought his dog, Poochy, into the bank. When they came in, the bank was very busy and at some point while everyone was distracted, Poochy snuck off. After a few minutes I noticed that the dog was nowhere to be seen, so I went looking for him and wound up finding him in the break room chomping down on a tray of rat poison!!! I alerted Tom instantly and he rushed Poochy to get his stomach pumped…

Robert told me that Poochy is happy and healthy as ever!  Though he doesn’t get to go into the bank anymore…Then he told me that he and his Dad are still so thankful to me every day for saving Poochy’s life. That made my day, week and month!

Now, I’m not trying to paint myself as a world hero.  I did what I believe anyone would have done had they been put in that situation.  But it was a powerful reminder that your words and actions, positive and negative, can strongly affect the lives of others for the rest of their lives…even if it doesn’t affect your day to day life.

Side note – Most FirstBank locations are very dog-friendly.  If you bring a dog into the branch, your dog will usually be swarmed with affection and be offered a treat.  We even have treats for your doggie passengers in our drive-ups (just ask).  But if you do bring your dogs in, please have them on a leash and don’t leave them unattended.  After the incident, the branch made drastic changes on the placement to restrict the accessibility of pest control to dogs.  I think we all learned a valuable lesson that day.

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