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Author: Miranda Duncan

You might not be a night owl, but there are plenty of bankers who are! Banking may seem to be a nine-to-five job, but since our customers are awake beyond just “banking hours,” we figure we should be, too. Need to transfer funds to pay for your late-night tab? No problem! Balancing your checkbook at two in the morning? We can help! Some callers get downright giddy that a live person is reachable at all hours of the night, right here in Lakewood, Colorado! For customers otherwise stuck with unanswered questions and uneasy feelings, we’re the key to nocturnal peace of mind (financially-speaking, of course!).

Just in case you’ve wondered what happens at our call center during the swing shift (but never seem to remember to set your alarm to call, I’m sure), here’s a look into a typical night in the FirstBank 24-hour Customer Service Department.

As the swing shift-ees get settled in, lots of greetings are exchanged from outgoing daytime friends. It’s nice to catch up with friends, even if only for a few minutes!

The evening progresses; the daylight may dwindle but growling stomachs increase to remind us that it’s dinnertime. Inevitably, someone will have made something yummy to share. We’re each other’s guinea pigs for recipe perfection!

Our typical evening rush begins just before 9PM (Mountain Time); customers call to beat the 9 PM cutoff time for telephone account transfers. What’s a cutoff time? If you need money to count toward today’s business, the last chance to do so is with a telephone or internet transfer done by 9 PM this evening. Now you know, and knowing is – well, you know the rest.

Time flies by now as we head into the late-night hours, and there’s time for short conversation about families, summer activities, and weekend plans. Our graveyard folks start their shift checking the paperwork of the day, making sure we’re doing things by the book. Chocolate and other sweets, in addition to caffeinated beverages, are usually consumed at this point (as if we need another incentive to work with such a great group!).

As my shift winds down around midnight, our staff is still going strong. The best part about these hours is that they work perfectly with our families and schedules. We have parents and students with families and school which keeps us busy during the day, and a great place to work at night. In fact, it’s just another family here in the FirstBank 24-hour Customer Service Department!

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