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As I cooked dinner last night (yes, meat should be thoroughly thawed before you cook it, or it will make a better paper weight than edible meal), I thought about how to celebrate Day of the Dead this year. Past years, I’ve been everything from an admiring bystander to an avid participant. There’s something about taking part in holidays traditions, even from the passive level of an audience member, which personalizes them for you and keeps the spirit of that holiday (as well as lost family members in this case) alive for you.

Embracing my love for food and other cultures (both which I’ve partly inherited from my grandmother), I’ve decided to dedicate a culinary moment to my grandma tonight with my family. This will keep her memory alive, without overspending on decorations, and give us a chance to bond as a family. My grandmother was a huge enthusiast of (not so authentic) Mexican food, baking pies, and making crepes. Last night, my husband cooked some pumpkins we grew this summer, and I plan on making chicken enchiladas and trying my hand at homemade pumpkin pie (saving money even just between making my own dough and home-processed pumpkin).

Keeping my grandmother’s memory alive with good food and pie will be a great way to spend time with my family without breaking my budget.

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