Anyone who has planned a wedding knows that things can really add up fast. In fact, couples in the Denver area spend between $18,128 and $30,214 for their big day according to And that doesn’t even include the honeymoon! With wedding season upon us, what better time than now to share some tips on saving for your wedding:

1.  Timing is everything

Getting married during less popular times of the year on “off” days may help you save big. Buzzfeed Reporter Rachel Miller recommends selecting a Friday or Sunday during one of the “shoulder” seasons to get the best venue pricing. Planning your wedding a few weeks before or after “peak” season will hopefully result in pleasant weather and an easier-to-swallow price tag.

 2.  Take time and look for deals

Miller also notes that a longer engagement will give you time to find affordable venues and vendors without sacrificing quality. She recommends signing up for vendor newsletters and social media channels to find the best deals, and searching for sample sales for your wedding dress. There’s no better feeling than scoring a designer dress for bottom dollar!

The range of wedding dresses on hangers and on a mannequin in th

 3.  Select a family-styled meal

Rather than a three-course plated dinner, opt for a delicious family-styled meal. suggests including a gourmet pasta bar, a meat option and a vegetarian option to please all guests.

 4.  Save on bouquets also suggests working with your florist to create arrangements that will be perfect for both the ceremony and the reception. Recruit a few trustworthy friends and family members to transport the flowers from one place to the other after the ceremony.

5.  The more the merrier

Many people think that cutting down on your guest list will save you money, but says that inviting everyone you want to can save you money too! The more people attending, the more likely the venue will cut down on cost per person. Some venues will even offer a discount if you exceed the minimum number of guests required.

Large family at outdoor party

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